Saturday, October 18, 2008

Thing #14: What does Library 2.0 mean?

I'll just list some of my favorite quotes, ideas, and sections from the articles recommended in this exercise. When the whole Library 2.0 concept came onto the scene, it's as if someone had read my professional diary. THIS is the stuff that I have wanted our public libraries to be. Now, maybe now, we're on the way to being the best that we can be as a profession.

*"if our services can't be used without training, then it's the services that need to be fixed, not our patrons. One-button commands, such as Flickr's "Blog This," and easy to use programs like Google Page Creator, offer promising models for this user-centrick service."

*it's "harder and harder to justify the continued buildup of a large 'just in case' print collection" because with the Internet, customers and staff will have access to everything!

*"What are libraries? Libraries are not just collection of documents and books, but they are conversation, they are convocations of people, ideas, and artifacts in dynamic exchange. Libraries are not merely in communities, they are communities: they preserve and promote community memories; they provide mentors not only for the exploration of stored memory, but also for the creation of new artifacts of memory."

*"...knowledge spa: meditation, relaxation, immersion in a luxury of ideas and thought...a WiFREE space, a retreat from the technohustle, with comfortable chairs, quiet, good light, coffee and single malt. You know, the library."

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