Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ten Random Things about Me

1. I love to sing, even though I cannot sing well. My dream would be to sing like Dolly Parton. Love her.
2. I am allergic to milk.
3. Number 2 reminds me of this: our milk cow got out of the barn during a thunderstorm and hit by lightning when I was little, and she burned up right there in front of us. Good thing I was forced to drink soy milk due to my allergy to cow's milk.
4. I have always felt like an outsider everywhere I've ever lived or worked. Never really belonged anywhere.
5. I am quite shy, and I get embarrassed pretty easily.
6. I am insanely private, something that irritates the fire out of Nils.
7. I keep my car perfectly messy; it's a trash can on wheels to me.
8. As a child, I used to be obsessive about correct grammar and grammar rules.
9. I have an irrational fear of the phone. I just know it's going to be bad, bad news.
10. My precious Lydia is the best thing I have ever done in my entire life, hands-down. She is exquisite.


Maggie the Librarian said...

#3 = WOW! Your life is straight out of a Richard Peck novel or something.

HeleneB said...

Allergic milk? Hope that doesnt that mean ice cream too.

Gerald Schwab said...

Your daughter is beautiful.

I think Dolly is an amazing woman.

Amanda said...

My mom has a severe milk allergy...luckily there are a lot more non-dairy options out there these days.

I laughed that you called your car a trashcan on wheels! I'm calling my CRV that from now on! I tried keeping it neat for the first 6 mos. but I think I kinda like things a little trashy!

Cheryl said...

This makes me miss you more, Sarah. Love this picture of your little beauty. Your comment about your car made me laugh. I can be terrible with that too! xx

Cat said...

I think that look on Lydia's face looks exactly like you. She IS exquisite.