Monday, November 24, 2008

Thing #23 Learn & Play finale

So here is the end of Learn & Play. I doubt I have anything new to say on the whole experience, but here goes. This is by far the best thing CML has done for staff, besides our CLASS training. Helen Blowers is considered a rock star in library world, so CML is fortunate to have her. As for my own experience with 23 Things, I had already experimented with most of the 23 things, but hadn't mastered many of them. Not to say that I mastered all of them, but this experience forced me to learn more about them, especially Delicious and blogger. I hope CML does another 23 things--advanced version, maybe? Maybe we could practice making our own podcasts, videos, etc. and uploading them. That would be useful, I think. One of the best parts of L&P is getting to know my friends at CML better via their blogs. I didn't venture out to read other non-friend blogs (who has the time for that?), but I loved having a glimpse into my friends' lives via their blogs. Now a pic of my favorite way to learn and play: my dearest Lydia, taken by former CML staffer, Jessi . Check out her blog, too.

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